5 Ways To Get Your Baby to Sleep

admin   February 27, 2017   Comments Off on 5 Ways To Get Your Baby to Sleep
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Cluster breastfeed

Breast-fed babies can often sleep better. “In the latter part of the day, breastmilk contains high levels of the hormone tryptophan,” says Andrea Grace, a children’s sleep specialist.

“Tryptophan aids the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Mums who breastfeed should cluster feed in the run-up to bedtime, to fill baby up and encourage the production of sleep hormones.”

Hold him in a new way

Sleep consultant Tina Southwood recommends the ‘tiger in the tree’ hold, where you lay your baby on her tummy along your forearm (with your palm facing upward), so that her chin is resting in the crook of your arm.

“I do this on my left side, so my right hand is free to stroke her back,” she says. “Colicky babies really like this but all babies seem to find it soothing and many fall asleep quickly in this position.”

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