13 Benefits of Hugging: Backed By Chemistry

admin   October 19, 2016   Comments Off on 13 Benefits of Hugging: Backed By Chemistry
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We often hug each other when we are happy or when we see the person we love most. We often feel joy and happiness when hugging another person, and a hug can convey a lot about how we’re feeling and how we feel about each other. Each time we sincerely hug someone, we are actually conveying our love and joy for that person in a way that can never be explained through our words alone. We feel all our burdens ease away while we are in a hug, and those worries are replaced by increased feelings of happiness and trust.

Do you know why this happens while we hug each other? Have you ever wondered what happens within you while you are hugging someone?

Let us examine some of the most amazing physiological miracles that happen in our bodies thanks to hugs.

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