Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

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You could sweeten it up, naturally

The most straightforward recipe would be squeezing half-a-lemon on a glass of warm water but if you think this is too sour for your taste, sweeten it up a bit by adding a teaspoon or two of pure honey. You do this not only for added flavor but also to help you.

But, adding honey (or any type of sugar for that matter) to lemon water could turn it into an acidic concoction that could lower your body’s pH levels. According to Ross Bridgeford, if your body’s pH levels go down, the red blood cells turn into mold, bacteria and yeast which in turn excrete acid waste.

In short, sugar, whether it be honey or processed sugar combined with citrus makes the body highly acidic – a breeding ground for a lot of ailments.

Tip: If you are drinking lemon water every day, avoid adding any sweeteners in it because it makes this drink acidic. Only add honey when you need to treat sore throat or coughs.

Should I drink it hot or cold?

As much as I’d like to drink it hot in the morning to wake up my senses, a lot of nutritionists and health experts say that you should only use lukewarm water because boiling water may kill the enzymes and cold water may disrupt the digestive benefits because your body will use more energy to absorb the nutrients as compared to lukewarm water.

The only time to drink it hot would be if you want to relieve constipation, nausea and heartburn.

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