Easy DIY Recipe Clay Facial Cleanser

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Which essential oils are best for my skin type?

Just like you can customize the type of clay to suit your skin type, you can do the same with essential oils. Feel free to leave out essential oils in this homemade clay facial cleanser recipe (using one is not necessary for this recipe to still be very effective!), but if you’d like the very best possible results, I suggest trying one that suits your particular skin type using the list below. In my opinion, using one is definitely worth it – I don’t think you’ll be sorry if you do ?

I’ve been using essential oils in my skin care regimen and DIY skincare recipes for over 10 years and I swear by them. I have a few go-to essential oils for skin health that I like to rotate, but my absolute favorite for my skin is Frankincense essential oil – it’s done wonders for my skin!!! There are many great essential oil companies out there (and some not so great ones, too). I’m not affiliated with any of them, but for those wondering what I personally use….I use THIS one and I love it.

Here are some of my go-to essential oil recommendations based on different skin types:

Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Geranium or Sandalwood
Essential Oils for Oily Skin

Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin

Tea Tree
Essential Oils for Mature Skin

Essential Oils for Damaged Skin

Homemade Clay Facial Cleanser Recipe for all skin types! Face cleanser and daily gentle exfoliator, all in one.


  • 4 tablespoons bentonite clay or kaolin clay
  • 3 tablespoons rosehip oil
  • 4 ounce glass jar
  • optional: 10 drops essential oil of choice


Mix clay and oil (using a non-metal utensil) in your glass jar until smooth. Stir in essential oil, if using.

To use: apply a small amount to your fingers and rub in circular motions all over face. Avoid getting in eyes. Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Use Bentonite Clay for acne-prone, oily, combination or normal skin.
Use Kaolin Clay for sensitive, dry or mature skin.

Essential Oil Recommendations based on skin type:

  • Normal Skin – Lavender
  • Dry Skin – Geranium or Sandalwood
  • Oily Skin – Bergamot
  • Sensitive Skin – Lavender
  • Mature Skin – Frankincense
  • Damaged Skin – Frankincense

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