20 Food Combos That Prevent Common Colds

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Ditch the chalky vitamin C tablets and dive into one of these dishes instead!
Did your mother ever hand you a glass of orange juice if you had a cold as a kid? Mine did, but it turns out she should have opted for a warm cup of antioxidant-filled green tea over the sugar-laden juice. Not only is OJ not as powerful as formerly believed, it’s not enough by itself. Get this: Numerous studies have popped up indicating that vitamin C can prevent and ease the symptoms of the common cold if and only if it’s paired with zinc.
Below, we’ve come up with a bunch of ideas on how to get your C and Z at the same time. Because as much as you know you need your vitamin C, a study from The Journal Of International Medical Research in Switzerland revealed that two billion people worldwide have some degree of a zinc deficiency. And that’s a shame—because when zinc is paired with an antioxidant like vitamin C, its effects unlock a new gear that helps heal wounds throughout the body and boosts immunity.

It’s important to note that while these two don’t necessarily cure the common cold, they do ward off symptoms from arising if consumed in considerable amounts. If you already are infected with the cold, pop a supplement of vitamin C and another of zinc. When taken simultaneously, a plethora of the virus-fighting nutrients will surge through your bloodstream and ease the symptoms and life of the cold in your body. But to avoid getting sick in the first place, why not indulge in these delicious meals?

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