10 Effective Remedies for Diabetic Foot Infections

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Diabetic Foot Infections


Diabetic foot infections are painful and problematic conditions that affect thousands of diabetic patients every year, and is the leading cause behind nontraumatic lower extremity amputations. When the tissues or skin of the extremities become infected in diabetic patients, the results can be serious, due to the nature of the diabetic condition. Microvascular circulation in people with diabetes is impaired, which means that it is difficult or even impossible, in some cases, for phagocytic and other immune system compounds to reach and combat the foreign pathogen. An ulcer can form, and if the infection is not treated properly, it can stimulate the systemic inflammatory response syndrome. At this point, the body is no longer taking care of the infected region of the extremity, and amputation is often the only solution. Diabetic foot infections can be deadly, particularly if they are not addressed quickly and effectively.

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