24 Benefits of Ginseng for Health and Beauty

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Ginseng, we often come across this word on the packages of homeopathic medicines. It is a popular health benefiting substance, but few of us actually know about this ingredient. Ginseng is basically a nutritious herb belonging to the 11 species of slow growing perennial plants of the family Araliaceae. It is a medicinal plant with fleshy roots and flourishes in Siberia, Northern China and Korea.

Tropical ginseng, belonging to the species Panax vietnamensis, is also found in Vietnam. Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) belongs to the same family but not the same genus like true ginseng. It is also an adaptogenic herb whose active compounds are eleutherosides as against ginsenosides in true ginseng. It possesses a woody root instead of a fleshy one.

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