Is Fat Good For You?

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We know that mono & polysaturated fat is healthy. Foods like avocados, nuts, olive oil, & salmon, but what about saturated fats; beef, eggs, cheese, pork (bacon!)? Well, recent studies have shown that saturated fat isn’t the evil we were once told it was!

Poor old saturated fat. For over forty years now, it’s been spoken of only in hushed tones, dissed as nothing but artery clogging, obesity-causing poison. This “common sense fact” has become so widely accepted that a lot of people who want to improve their diet start by purchasing skim milk, ditching their egg yolks, and beginning a life free of steak, pork, and butter.

It’s time to bring bacon back to breakfast. After all, saturated fat is good for you.
We’ve Made a Huge Mistake

But we all make mistakes. This one started in 1970, with the first publication of “The Seven Countries Study .” The research looked at the incidences of saturated fat intake and heart disease among 12,763 men from (you guessed it) seven different countries, and showed a correlation between the two.

Unfortunately, the study was deeply flawed: It didn’t take into account important factors like smoking rates, sugar consumption, and exercise levels, and it left out an awful lot of data from other countries that contradicted the conclusions. The study’s authors actually had access to twenty-two countries’ data, and didn’t discuss any of the populations that followed diets with plenty of saturated fat and barely experienced any heart disease. Such communities include the Kenyan Masai, the Tokelau in Polynesia, and the Arctic Inuit.

Governments followed by making the supposed saturated fat-heart disease connection a matter of public health policy, an ideology which probably culminated with the abominable food pyramid of the 1990s — which recommended up to 11 servings of rice and pasta per day, and about as little fat as possible.

The result? In the past 30 years in the United States, the amount of calories from consumed fat has fallen from 40 percent to 30 percent, while obesity has doubled and heart disease has remained the country’s number one killer.

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