8 Bad Things You Do To Your Skin

admin   November 28, 2017   Comments Off on 8 Bad Things You Do To Your Skin
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When it comes to caring for your complexion, getting facials or even seeing a dermatologist isn’t what matters most. It’s how you treat your skin every single day that’s crucial, and some common missteps can seriously mess with your beauty. Stop making these 8 mistakes and get on the path to healthy, young-looking skin at any age.

Forgetting to use sunscreen every day, including during the winter

UVB rays—the ones responsible for burning—are much stronger during the summer, but UVA ones tend to remain pretty constant all year long, explains Arielle Kauvar, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine. UVAs won’t turn your skin pink, but they do contribute significantly to both skin aging (including wrinkles and brown spots) and skin cancer. UVAs also penetrate glass and clouds, which means they’re streaming into your windowed office as well as your car. The upshot is that protecting yourself is simple: Slather on a broad-spectrum SPF 30 (or a moisturizer with SPF built in) every day, year round.

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