7 Day Flat-Belly Spring Detox

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It’s that time again—time to lose the winter weight and get ready for spring. And with summer around the corner, belly bloat and muffin tops sour even the best laid-out wardrobe.

Don’t let belly blues dictate your spring this year. Follow these five key flat belly principles to balance your metabolism and flatten your belly.

Days 1-3
The Liver Laundromat

The best way to tackle your belly is to begin by cleaning up your liver. The liver is the laundromat of the body, processing all the excess food, chemicals and medications that we ingest. A sluggish liver affects your metabolism and slows down your digestion, resulting in more belly weight. In fact, many women struggle with fatty liver, a condition where fat accumulates on the liver, adding to trouble losing weight. Diets and exercise will only help weight loss if the liver is functioning efficiently.

Jumpstart your spring by beginning with a liver cleanse. While there are many complex liver cleanses on the market, simply going green for a day, and incorporating liver-friendly foods, will help. Think green smoothies, green juices and vegetables, all day long. If you want an extra boost. add a handful of dandelion greens or parsley to the mix, as they are considered liver cleansers as well.

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