7 Habits That Lead To Belly Fat

admin   December 3, 2017   Comments Off on 7 Habits That Lead To Belly Fat
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You’ve got yourself an absolutely gorgeous outfit to wear for a party one week from now, there’s a little bit of a problem – there’s no way of hiding your bulging belly fat in that outfit. Not sure how to trim down in order to do some justice to that awesome outfit waiting in your closet?

Check out these seven habits that can cause belly fat – and be sure to do the opposite, so you can shape up and lose those unsightly bulges as fast as possible!

Drinking Soda Regularly

Can’t last a day without gulping down a can or two of soda? If this is you, then you’re certainly not being kind to your body. According to researchers, consuming one or two cans of soda daily causes your waistline to increase at least five times faster than those who rarely drink soda over the course of a week. The concept behind this is that the high amount of sugar used in sodas trigger your craving for food, so you end up eating more than you should during mealtimes. Diet sodas aren’t any better than regular varieties, sure they don’t have as many calories, but since these contain artificial sweeteners, which can increase your appetite as much as sugar does. So if you have that serious craving for a satisfying drink, opt for healthy smoothies, fresh fruit juices, or a glass of water with lemon zest and mint leaves. You’re doing your body and overall health a favor by choosing a more nutritious drink that’s also low in sugar content. Since soda only causes you to add pounds without quenching your thirst, why bother drinking it, right?

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