10 Top Tips for Getting Pregnant

1. Have s ex – The most important tip!


If you have regular, unprotected se x for a year, about 84% of couples will get pregnant. The expert advice from NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, is to have s ex every two to three days throughout the month. The guidelines say you don’t need to time s ex to coincide with the days when a woman in ovulating.

Leading fertility expert Zita West agrees: “As the fertile time varies, you can’t accurately pinpoint the best time, so just have se x three times a week throughout the month.”

“Prioritise se x – make time for it in the proper sense, as in ‘make it important and don’t just diary it in as another thing to do’,” says Emma Cannon, author of The Baby Making Bible.

She says: “Have s ex throughout the month and don’t rely on ovulation sticks to determine your se x life – they are a real passion killer.”

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