Say ‘Good Bye’ to Bad Breath – Cinnamon Mouthwash Recipe

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‘Halitosis’, generally known as ‘bad breath’, is a very common problem. Our mouth can be full of bad bacteria, you may have been suffering from dental and gum issues or may be, you have just consumed some smelly foods. But whatever the reason is, it needs to be cured. Though there are certainly lots of choices for commercially available mouthwash, they are loaded with chemicals. So, let’s learn the homemade cinnamon mouthwash recipe and give our breath a refreshing boost.

Benefits of Homemade Cinnamon Mouthwash

This amazing homemade mouthwash is exclusively used for getting rid of bad breath. But how does it remove that stinky smell from your mouth? The secret lies in its ingredients and their individual benefits.

  • Cinnamon – This is one of the best natural ingredients for treating bad breath. It can destroy all those bacteria which are responsible for causing foul smell in our mouth, thereby helping us get rid of bad odor successfully.
  • Lemon – The stinking smell caused in our mouth can efficiently be masked by the refreshing aroma of lemon. The strong citrus scent plays a key role in increasing the power if cinnamon in this homemade mouthwash.
  • Honey – Honey has high level of antimicrobial content (methylglyoxa), which speeds up the procedure of killing oral bacteria.
  • Baking Soda – It also comes with bacteria-killing properties and you can also get whiter teeth by using it in your mouthwash.

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