Ancient Chinese Secret for Growing the Beautyfull Longest Hair in the World

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The various hair care products available in the market are loaded with chemicals and are not at all effective in stimulating the hair growth. Recently, there has been a sudden increase in natural beauty products all over the globe. People are switching to a more natural hair care and skin care regime rather than opting for commercial products. I have made the switch recently and  I am amazed to see the results. The various Diy hair oils, hair packs or natural shampoos are much more effective and I have  seen instant results within a few usage and they are not harmful for our health too. It is estimated that by 2019, the global shampoo market is going to reach the value of $25.70 billion but deep in the mountains of Southern China’s Guanqxi province, the women of the Huangluo Village won’t be contributing a single cent to the billion dollar industry because they have the cheapest natural secret for growing the longest hair in the world.

Hair has always played a big part in the lives of the Yao women of the Huangluo. Until a few years back it was considered that no one, apart from the husband and children of the women were allowed to see their hair when let loose. During the summer and the autumn season, all the women would go to the river to wash their hair and would keep it covered with a blue scarf to keep it hidden. Only the man who would become her husband was allowed to see their wife’s hair in all its beauty and that would happen on their wedding day. If a local or foreigner accidentally saw the woman with her hair open, he was forced to spend three years with her family as their son-in-law. But thankfully this old tradition were abandoned in 1987 and now the Yao women can proudly show off their beautiful jet black hair in public without worrying about the consequences.

The women of the Huangluo village can only cut their hair once in their lifetime, when they turn 16 but the hair is not thrown away, it is given to the girl’s grandmother and made into an ornamental headpiece. When the girl gets married, the hair is gifted to the groom and the headpiece later become a part of the women’s everyday hairdo. It is said that a Yao women hair is made up of 3 bunches. One is her original hair, the other is the cut headpiece and the third bunch is made from the falling strings of hair, which are collected every day. They all are joined together to form elaborate hairstyles which represent the social status of the women. It is an ancient belief that growing their hair long brings longevity, wealth and good fortune. The longer the hair, the more fortunate one will be.

The different hairstyles of the Yao women depict different stages of her life and it is really interesting to read their customs and how hair plays such an important part of their lives. For example, if the hair is wrapped like a circular tray on the top of the head means she is married but has no children. If she sports a bun at the front of her wrapped style-it means she is married and has children. If she wears a scarf around her head, with her hair hidden, it means she is looking for a husband, who traditionally will be the only man who will have the privilege to see her hair in all it’s beauty. So enough about the customs of the Huangluo village, now lets get into the real secret for such long and beautiful hair.

Do you guys want to know their secret to Rapunzel like hair, then keep on reading this post.

Generations of Yao women have been using fermented rice water to wash their hair, which has resulted in their impressively long and beautiful hair. It’s been their secret to long hair for centuries. According to various studies, the fermented rice water found to be rich in antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin E as well as restorative properties and improve hair’s elasticity and condition. Inositol, a carbohydrate that is found in rice water has the ability to repair damaged hair as well as protect it from future damage. In addition to this, amino acids in the fermented rice water helps to strengthen the hair roots and surface of the hair making it much more shinier.

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