Ice Cube Facial for Youthful and Glowing Your Skin

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Benefits of an Ice Cube Facial

  1. Glowing Skin:
    An ice cube facial gives an instant glow to the skin by improving the blood circulation of the skin.Make a concoction of cucumber juice,honey,lemon and water and freeze it.When freezed take the ice cube and rub it gently on the face,let it sit on your face for 5-6 minutes and then rinse off. It will instantly rejuvenate the skin and will make it healthy and glowing.
  2. Reduces Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes
    Ice cubes work wonders on dark circles and puffy eyes. To enhance the process brew a cup of strong green tea and freeze it. Green tea has  a whole lot of antioxidants plus the caffeine relieves the under eye swelling.
  3. Reduces Blemishes
    Ice cubes can help reduce the redness and inflammation of blemishes and pimples.
  4. Makeup Primer
    Just before applying makeup prep your skin by rubbing an ice cube all over your face and neck,this will help your makeup to stay on for a longer duration.
  5. Sunburn Remedy
    Freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube tray and rub the aloe ice cube on the face,it will give instant relief from sunburn.

Gives Tight and Firm Skin: Ice cubes will help to smoothen out your complexion,shrink the size of pores,ease wrinkles,fight acne and promote blood circulation. Simply rub an ice cube all over you face and neck before going to bed and tighten the skin.

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